Difference breeds singularity. MAGELLAN, located on the Greek holiday island of Zakynthos, is quite unique. Land of Ulysses, this idyllic isle feels closer to heaven than earth.

Find the difference

A brithplace to civilisation, and now, a place for you to be born again. Find yourself here, on Zakynthos.




About Zakynthos luxury properties Magellan

As you walk upon the soil of Zakynthos, as you sit upon a rock at sunset, the difference is all around you…Just as Ulysses mused amongst his friends, one wil cherish the beauty of this little Tuscany on a Greek isle emerging from the Ionian sea,
its olive trees whisper untold secrets in the gentle breeze, while cypresses proudly reach for the azure.

Here the tangible fades into the intangible … and still on muses.

Emerald waters and deserted sandy beaches lead to the famous Blue Caves. The island captured the hearts of the Venetians who ruled here for many years and who called Zante “Fior di Levante”.

A paradise which blossoms endlessly.

About Zakynthos luxury properties Magellan




Peligoni Club (www.peligoni.com)

Peligoni Club offers a broad range of sport activities and services to complete your holiday. Days on the water are followed by evenings gathered around the Driftwood bar or stretched out in the sanctuary. Time is endless at Peligoni, allowing for leisurely breakfasts followed by a game of tennis, hours of sunbathing on the beach, or indulging in a well deserved massage. When the sun goes down the club comes alive with family style BBQ nights and live music.

Peligoni Club Activities: sailing, windsurfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, water-ski, wakeboard, subwing and banana boats, biking, tennis, fitness and gym, spa, swimming pool,…